Perl JavaScript MD5 User Authentication

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Description:   A Perl CGI JavaScript framework for implementing a MD5 based encryption Secure login on both client and server machines. The password is never stored or transmitted as plain text. Also encrypts cookies to maintain sessions.

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MACL - My Access Control List (for PHP) MACL - My Access Control List. Originally intended as a slimmer "Tiny ACL for PHP". Written from scratch with an optional simple & demonstrative user authentication system for easy creation of loosely coupled systems. Based on Orbit42-Base Class 3.0.0

MINPO MINPO is a minimal java web-app, free to use as a starting point for a larger, stand-alone web-app, providing a basic framework (using Struts), persistence mechanism (using Hibernate), and portal GUI providing simple user authentication and management.

PHP Authentication using Uma Uma (formerly known as Rampart) is a user authentication and management system written entirely in PHP and supports MySQL. There is an administrative web interface for managing users and API documentation available for developers.

PerlFMS Form Management System is similar to "Content Managment", but provides the ability to write scripts at the webend, without having fear about security.Provides also localization, themes, data access and user authentication and some more.Written in P

Phiend Phiend is a PHP web application framework, based on the Model-View-Controller architecture. Phiend uses XML for configuration and precompiles it into PHP code for faster performance. Also integrated is a flexible user authentication scheme.

Shift Log The Shift Log is a database entry and display system that is built off of PHP and MySQL. The log uses a basic user authentication system to ensure user accountability and log integrity. It also has a RTF editor integrated into it.

ASAT Address Space Allocation Tool - web based php IP management tool to allocated and record IP address space in an XML file. User authentication and group permissions are supported to provide flexible delegation. Overlapping address space supported.

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